Conditional Sum

Another question one of my students has sent me. This question tests your understanding of SQL Group Functions . Given the following betting activity table (bet_tbl table) :


שאלת SQL ראיון עבודה - טבלת הימורים

As you can see, each row represents one placed bet, and includes the following fields:

  • betID – bet number
  • CustomerID – customer number
  • betDate – the date in which this bet was made
  • betOutcome – the bet outcome, 0 represents a loss and 1 represents a win.
  • amount – the amount of money the customer has lost or won.

First task – Create a query to display the biggest loss, and the biggest win for each customer:


שאלת SQL ראיון עבודה - סכום רווח והפסד

Second Task – Create a query to display the overall amount of win / loss for each customer:


שאלת SQL ראיון עבודה - רווחהפסד מצטבר

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