SQL Exercises for Data Analysts

As data analysts, beyond technical capabilities, we are often required to understand the business logic behind our data, how tables are structured, and how they relate together.

Getting good at this usually comes after a considerable amount of experience. The goal of the following exercises is to help you get that experience.

In this section you’ll find 7 different exercises, each simulates data of a different industry, and contains various analysis tasks.

Please note – this section currently supports only MSSQL Server syntax

Stack Exchange Analysis – Movies & TV Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for movie and tv enthusiasts. The following exercise is built according to its structure, and simulates some of the data it has.

Flights Analysis – The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), part of the United States Department of Transportation, collects information on domestic flights operated by different air carriers. The following exercise simulates some of the data it has.

Online advertising Analysis – AdClick is an Online advertising company. As any other company in its field, AdClick helps businesses grow their revenues by delivering promotional marketing messages. In this exercise you’re going to analyze some of the data this company has.

Facebook Games Analysis – From shooters to strategy, builders to bingo. Facebook platform allows users from all around the world to play, watch, and share their games. The following exercise simulates some of data stored by Facebook

Academic Courses Analysis – StanCord in an academic institute located in the UK. in this exercise you’re going to explore its database, and analyze data related to courses, classes, lecturers, and students.

Orders Analysis – FoodCart is a grocery store located in the US. in this exercise you’re to explore its Order Management System, and analyze data related to orders, items, and customers.

Movie Ratings Analysis – YouMDB is an online movie recommendation resource. YouMDB provides movie ratings based on the opinions of its members. In this exercise you’ll analyze different movies, their ratings, and data related to the users providing the reviews.

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