This SQL exercise is a part of a section dedicated for data analysts , providing data analysis tasks that require both business understanding and technical skills.


About this Exercise

In the Online Advertising Market, a merchant who wants to advertise a new product, can contact different publishers (such as Google or Facebook) and pay them for placing an ad (such as a banner, or video) in their platform.
In return, the online advertising platform gives the merchant metrics to help him measure his ad performance :

  • Clicks – Click happens when someone sees the ad and clicks on it, going to the website for more information.
  • Conversions – After that someone landed on the website, conversion happens when an action (you have defined as a converting action) takes place, for example: online purchase or a call to the business from a mobile phone


ERD General Description

The following database simulates data of an online advertising platform.

  • Within the Ads table you’ll find data regarding the various ads
  • Advertisers table lists the different advertisers
  • Clicks reflects the data regarding the clicks on every ad
  • Conversions table lists the clicked conversions




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