Practice SQL Online – Exercises and Solutions

This page allows you to practice SQL online, and provides more than 200 different SQL exercises and solutions. This platform is also accompanied by a self-study guide, which offers comprehensive coverage of the SQL language, in a detailed, logical and well organized manner.


We hope you’ll find this page useful and effective.

Ram Kedem and Elad Peleg.

In General :

  • Please note Rextester requires a small fee in order to use it
  • Use this section to practice Microsoft / Oracle related SQL exercises
  • The Microsoft related tutorials / exercises can found in this link
    The Oracle related tutorials / exercises can be found in this link
  • To download the databases used in these exercises, use one of the following links: [ACDB] [HR]
  • Please note – Exercises performed on the online environment, might return less results than those performed on your local environment (by downloading ACDB or HR to your local machine). The platform I used to create this online SQL practice has a limit for the maximum number of rows in each database, therefore in each table you’ll find only sample rows of data.

How To :

Rextester stands for regular expression tester. Using Rextester.com you’ll be able to issue online queries against Microsoft / Oracle databases.

Working with this platform is quite easy, use the following link to access the online SQL editor, use the top-left drop down list to choose your platform.


Once you’re there, copy the contents of either [ACDB] or [HR] scripts:


And that’s it, you’re ready to go. Issue any query against the database. (Type your query at the bottom of the script)

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