Advanced SQL – Practical Techniques and Use-Cases

This book was written based on a decade of experience working with databases, and contains 100 complex SQL problems with which users have faced. The book is intended to give its readers an in-depth understanding of the SQL language, and also provides an excellent preparation for technical SQL interviews.


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About the Book

Advanced SQL – Practical Techniques and Use-CasesDuring the last decade, at the end of each SQL course I delivered, I received emails with challenging SQL problems from students.
Some of them raised very interesting questions about the subjects I taught, some of them had an interview in which they were asked questions they did not know how to deal with, and others encountered complex problems in their workplace.
At the same time, during my years working as a DBA, I often encountered interesting challenges related to the SQL language, and as an orderly person, always kept everything documented.
Over the years, the amount of materials I collected has piled up, until I made the decision to bind all the materials together and create a book. After six months of hard work, I finished writing my book: Advanced SQL – practical problems and use-cases.

The book contains 352 pages, describes 100 complex SQL problems, and presents special techniques that can be used in order to solve these challenges.
This book is available in an online version – which gives you a full and immediate access to all of its contents, as well as a hard-copy version. More details can be found on the Purchase tab.


Who should read this book ?

This book is intended primarily for database administrators, code writers, BI developers, QA professionals, analysts and other professionals who are responsible for writing SQL queries. This book also serves as an excellent preparation for technical job interviews in SQL.


What you will achieve by reading this book ?

By reading this book, you will learn how to deal with the complex SQL problems of the real world. The book will teach you “hands-on” advanced SQL, based on real experience of different users. This book is all about engaging your brain and enhancing your understanding by getting your hands dirty.


What technical subjects this book covers ?

This book is not a regular learning book, in which a series of theoretical subjects are spread according to a certain hierarchical order. Just as every SQL problem in the real world requires understanding of various elements in the SQL language, each exercise in the book incorporates different concepts. Through solving the problems this book presents, you will learn many techniques, such as:

  • Complex scalar functions
  • Advanced techniques for filtering and sorting values
  • Working with analytical functions
  • Advanced use of Group Functions
  • Working with complex Sub-Queries
  • Use of CTE and recursive CTE
  • Advanced tables integration using JOIN, UNION and CROSS APPLY
  • XML techniques for solving coplex problems
  • Working with PIVOT and UNPIVOT

The techniques presented in this book are written using the SQL Server syntax.


About the Author

Ram Kedem is a well-known Israeli Database Administrator with a decade of experience working with different platforms such as MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL.
During the last ten years, Ram has delivered many courses in the Database field, and taught thousands of people, in Israel and around the globe. Here you can find more details about him.

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