About Us

UpScale Analytics specializes in training solutions for organizations and individuals in the fields of data, and delivers courses all over the world.

UpScale Analytics is also one of the largest platforms in the world for learning SQL by doing, consisting  over 300 SQL exercises at different levels (including solutions), by topics, across over 100 different datasets.

Along with our expertise in the world of data, we are first and foremost – teachers. Those that inspire interest, have a knack for breaking down even the most difficult concepts, and supports you long after the course is over.

Why Choose us

  • Experience – Over a decade of teaching, leading training programs, and developing learning materials​
  • Unique Training Solutions – We offer unique data-analysis courses, not to be found anywhere else​
  • Expertise – Hundreds of organizations, and tens of thousands of private customers have used our training services​
  • Mentoring – We see ourselves as full partners in the journey of each and every student, and continue to support long after the course is over​
  • Knowledge – All of our instructors are experts in their fields, and they all really enjoy teaching and sharing their expertise with others
  • Hands-on – Our courses are accompanied by huge amounts of quality exercises​

Our Community

Our Israeli community – Data Drivens IL Analytic Community, is a platform for sharing knowledge, finding jobs, meeting new people, online-sessions with experts, and more.

Some of our Clients

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