רם קדם

About this website

Back in 2006, when I started teaching the field of Databases, I used to send my students extra materials in topics I found to be more challenging.
As the time passed, the amount of materials I’ve created was starting to pile up, until I decided it was time to build a web site and gather them all up.
Ever since, I haven’t stopped writing, from learning materials and exercises, to articles in different topics that I found interesting.
Today, I am pleased to witness this website serves different people from all around the globe, and allowing each of them – from school students to those who are engaged in these fields, to independently and easily learn and get  familiar with the world of Databases.

A few words about myself

My name is Ram, happily married to Yael and live in Israel.
I am motivated by deep curiosity to any topic related databases, and practically engaged in many aspects of this field in my daily life (administration, code developing, BI, performances improvement etc.).
I share deep love to the practice of teaching and transferring knowledge, and today I divide my time between teaching different courses all over the world, technical consultation to different companies, and acquiring new knowledge.

I am always happy to contact and know new people. With any question you may have please feel free to contact me.

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